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From Dhondu Pant to Sri Jaya theertha

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Sri Jaya theertha (1365-1388)

  • Prince Dhondu Pant was born to the King Raghunath who was the chief of Mangalved (near Pandharpur) through the blessings of a Madhwa saint.
  • Dhondu Pant, at very young age excelled in all the skills needed for a prince. Soon Upanayanam and Marriage was done early in his boyhood. Since it was boyhood, Dhondu pant and his wife were staying separately with their parents.
  • Dhondu Pant who has excelled in many skills was an outstanding horse rider too. Once when he was riding the horse, he felt very thirsty. He went into the Bhima river and without getting down from the horse he started drinking the water just by bending.
  • Just then Sri Akshobhya theertha (the direct disciple of Sri Madhwa) who was on the opposite bank asked him “Were you an animal in your previous birth?” . Just on hearing these words Dhondu Pant recollected all the happenings of his earlier birth. He at once approached Sri Akshobhya theertha and expressed his felling and asked him to initiate into sanyashrama immediately as he was not willing to waste anymore time with his wife and family.
  • Sri Akshobhya theertha then initiated him and gave him the holy name Sri Jaya theertha.

Sri Jaya theertha taken back home…

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After the holy initiation to Jaya theertha, Raghunath Pant his father, rushed to Sri Akshobya theertha and tells him that he has mesmerized his son and made him accept the sainthood. Sri Akshobya theertha then explains, “It was not my decision. Sri Madhwa and Sri Rama had ordered me to grant him sainthood. In my daily prayers, I was asking my guru Sri Madhwa for a good disciple for the Sri Mutt and as a result I was enlightened in my dream with Sri Madhwa telling that I will find a person drinking water at the Bhima river like an animal. He also told me that, that person will come and ask me to grant him sainthood the moment I ask him that whether he was an animal in his previous birth and that has only happened now.”

       Raghunath pant even after hearing this, was not convinced and took his son to his place forcefully with his men and kept Sri Jaya theertha locked in a room. He made arrangements for the nuptial ceremony (Shanthi muhurtham) by bringing his daughter-in-law back.

      After Janaki (Wife of Dhondu Pant) went inside the room, within a short time she came out screaming loudly and fell down losing her conscious, but Jaya theertharu was sitting innocently in the room. Few moments later Janaki opened her eyes and told He’s not a normal human being, he’s a cobra, he’s looking like a big reptile to my eyes. I cannot live with him because he looks like some divine soul” and leaves back to her mother’s place.

        Raghunath Pant then realizes that his son should be taken back to Sri Akshobya theertha. Sri Akshobya theertha then blessed Raghunath Pant and told him that he’ll have another son to rule his kingdom.

The soul of Sri Jayatheertharu

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After Raghunath Pant leaves his son to Sri Akshobhya theertha, he starts teaching his disciple the ‘Sarvamoola Grantha’. But Sri Jaya theertha tells that he’s already familiar with that. Sri Akshobhya theertha replies him that even he knows that and he further tells that Sri Madhwacharya has told him to teach as he’s Sri Jaya theertha’s guru now.

How is this possible???

Yes, it is possible because Sri Jaya theertha was blessed by Sri Anjaneya in his previous 2 birth’s.

  • Arjuna, the Pandava prince, after he victory at kurukshetra started shouting “I have won the battle, I have achieved it”.
  • Sri Anjaneya who positioned himself on the flag of Arjuna’s chariot stabilising and protecting it adviced Arjuna, “Arjuna, you have won the battle only because the almighty had blessed you to this position. Being so you should not forget the reality and truth by getting into the ego of the victory. Therefore you should get to know the facts, glories of the almighty through a guru.”
  • Arjuna requested Sri Anjaneya the he should only bless him for that to happen. Sri Anjaneya then tells, “After my incarnation as Bhima, I will be born as Madhwa in the Kali yuga. At that time you’ll be born as a bull and you will hear all my teachings. In the birth following that of a bull, you’ll be enlightened of your previous births and will write commentaries on my grantha’s.”

Thus Sri Jaya theertha is none but Arjuna, the amsha of Indra. I would also like to mention that only because of Sri Anjaneya’s presence, Arjuna had won the kurukshetra. Where ever Sri Vaayu is present, Sriman Narayana is also present there. And Sri Hari will grant anything to a devotee who is sincerely devoted to Sri Anjaneya. I will also post a separate post on which I will discuss about why Sri Hari tells that Sri Vaayu is the supreme among the jeevas.

Sri Jaya Theertharu – Malkeda