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Udupi Krishna guides Padmanabha theertha to Kishkindha

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Udupi Krishna - The Idol which Lord Krishna himself gave to Rukmini Devi

  • After the holy initiation, Padmanabha theertharu was helping his guru Sri Madhwa in his daily pooja and travelled with him on religious tours.
  • A marvellous incident took place when Sri Madhwacharya was explaining the Aitareya Upanishad to his disciples at Ananteshwara temple. The moment Sri Madhwa finished his discourse, loads and loads of fragrant flowers from the skies were heaping Sri Madhwa leaving his disciples and other devotees to great excitment. At one stage Sri Madhwa was fully submerged inside the loads of flowers.
  • Time passed but Sri Madhwa didnt come out of the huge mass so Sri Padmanabha theertha and other disciples started to remove the huge piles of flowers. Everyone were left shocked to see Sri Madhwa missing inside the heaps of flowers.
  • Everyone just heard the ethereal voice of Sri Madhwa telling, “From now I shall not be visible in this Udupi and will be living with Sri Vedavyasa in Upper Badari” , leaving everyone in great sorrow. Sri Padmanabha theertha who was with his guru all the time started feeling the absence of his guru.
  • Sri Padmanabha theertha then started his mission of spreading Madhwacharya’s teachings everywhere as told by his guru.
  • Sri Padmanabha theertha submitted to Udupi Krishna his prayers and also his wish to be near his guru. Lord Krishna directed him to go to Kishkindha where he can feel the presence of his guru Sri Madhwa in the form of Sri Anjaneya who is ever present and roving in those environs.
  • Sri Padmanabha theertha was very much satisfied and started his journey to Kishkindha. Accoringly he realised the presence of Sri Anjaneya and started worshipping him there. Later he made Sri Narahari theertha as the head of the mutt and initiated a disciple to the saintly order giving the hold name Sri Lakshmidhara theertha with a feeling that his mundane exixtence was coming close.
  • Sri Padmanabha theertha lived in the island in tungabhadra river and at Anegondi during his last days and entered his brindhavana there at 1324. Thus Sri Padmanabha theertha becomes the first saint to enter his brindhvana at Nava Brindhavanam.

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