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Greatness of Sri Yadavaryaru

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  • Sri Yadavaryaru is a great TippaNigararu. He holds the highest place among “Grihastha Tippanigaararu.
  • He’s the disciple and brother of Sri Vedesha theertharu.
  • Sri Vedesha Teertharu, a great saint who got sanyashrama directly from Sri Raghoothama theertharu proudly announced – “Instead of worshipping Lord Rama as the MatAdhipathi, I would prefer educating my brother to elevate him to the status of a great scholar and an exponent of the religion. This, according to me, is real worship ofthe Lord”. 
  • Inspite of his late entry into Dvaitha vedhantha, he mastered the Scriptures within no time by the grace of his guru and became a profound scholar in Dvaitha Vedhanta. His high stature can be understood by the fact that none other than Mantralaya Sri Raghavendra Swami has greatly regarded him for his lucid commentaries.
  • At the age of 40 years he has sacrificed all his wealth and he put  his footsteps in the greatest philosophy of the world of Sri Madhwacharya. From then onwards he never looked back and he has grown leaps and bounds and he has bought laurels to Madhwa Philosphy. He has praised by Sri Rayaru and other Madhwa Yatigalu for his contribution to Sri Madhwacharya’ s Philosophy.
  • Srimad Bhagavata was his life blood. It is said that Bhagavata Verses were heard from his mortal remains (even his bones were chanting the Bhagavatha) after his death. He devoted his entire life to fulfill the wishes of his guru Vedesha Tirtharu.
  • His guru taught him the following slokha,

Slokha taught by Sri Vedesha theertharu to Sri Yadavaryaru

[Meaning of the above slokha : Lakshmi Narasimha is protecting me from front, Krishna is protecting me from behind, Rama and lakshmana are protecting me from either sides.]

  • Yadavaryaru was a trader. He was performing sales by going through places to place on foot. Once a set of dacoits were planning to snatch the bag from Yaadavaryaru. These thieves happened to observe always two soldiers on horse back guarding him. Whenever they attempted to plunder jewels from him. These bodyguards used to disappear the moment they entered his house. The thieves when went in disguise and asked him abouth the guards, he told there are no guards for him and was wonder stuck. He then realised that it was the effect of the sloka he used to recite before leaving the house.
  • There is another incident which  also happened. One of his family member’s  baby was on the lap of Sri Yadavaryaru . The life of the baby had come to an end,  but the baby was alive on the lap. The YamaBhatas were waiting to take the baby but they could not take because it was on the lap of Yadhuvarya. They planned to move the Yadhuvarya so that he can leave the baby on the floor as soon as Yadhavarya got up and the baby was left on the floor. Immediately they took the baby. This shows even Yamadhoothas had great respect on Sri Yadavaryaru.
  • Once Yadavaryaru was very hungry and starving not having food for a long time. He could not get anything for his food. The couple were so poor that they had barely enough food or clothing. The man made both ends meet by begging and whatever he got the couple offered to God before consuming it themselves. One morning, he was reading Bhagavad Geetha. When he came to the adhyaya of ninth, shloka no 22, [Meaning – Those who worship me with devotion regularly, without praying the other gods/goddess and does the chintana of Srihari only always – I will protect them in all times and it is my responsibility to look after the welfare of them and that I will give them moksha which does not bring back to Samsaara. These are the words of Srikrishna to Arjuna in Bhagavad Geetha (Adhyaya 9, shloka 22)]

After reading the stanza, he thought Krishna may not have said like that. Some one must have wrongly interpreted the word incorrectly as “yogakshemam vahamyaham” and he struck these words in the book with three red lines. A while later the wife heard someone at the door. She saw an handsome boy of about 10-12 years years with a huge basket over his head with huge basket full of fresh vegetables, and grains, enough to last us six months. The boy told that her husband has sent him . She noticed three ugly red beating on his back, and was bleeding, as if someone had just struck him with a whip. When she asked the boy, he told that her Sri Yadavaryaru has only bet him so. Immediately she went to bring something to clean those wounds, but the boy was not there.

When Sri Yadavaryaru returned, his wife narrated him what happened. He rushed to the Gita he had been reading that morning and open the page which he was reading. He observed that the three lines which he had striken were missing in the Yogaksheyamam vahamyaham verse no 9.22. Now, he realized that it is the same srihari, whom he had doubted for some time during his hungry, who had sent the vegetables and all the grains to his wife in the form of a small boy. He prostrated before the god’s idol and sought excuse for his ignorance.


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  1. Apr/10/2013, Wednesday

    Hare Shreenivaasa.

    Your Website, and its contents are superb. I have one observation. The image of Moola Vrundaavana of Shree SathyaNaatha Theertharu is really beautiful. However, you have quoted it as “Shree SathyaNandha Theertharu”.

    It should be “Shree SathyaNaatha Theertharu”, also known as “Abhinava VyaasaRaajaru”.

    Please corrrect. (9242949261)


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